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Expansion from city to city, to a new state or even into foreign territories is part of every organization development matrix and should be the goal of any entity serious about growth and market share.

Regardless of industry or sector type, we have the inroads to identify and maximize opportunity strategically for the benefit of our clients.  Through our strategic locations we will launch your next development initiative, represent your organization and establish a solid local market foundation that will be a launch pad for your team to transition operational and marketing resources seamlessly into the new location.

Program Lead

Your organization development will face an entire spectrum of deliverables, tasks and competitive challenges that will require an organized team to navigate the changes. 

We understand Change Management. We are the bridge where ideas and results connect.

InnovSite Program Lead professionals will delegate resources, expertise,  and market strategies to specifically achieve goals, while establishing operational foundations for successful business transition.  Our Program lead team services does include representation that is geared to secure firm interest and buy-in from your identified customer base.


Turnkey marketing and brand development and services through AmpZine — an InnovSite company. Managing Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Billboards, written, and other media. 

Our team will plan, host & manage Promotions, events and campaigns. We deploy your marketing goals with maximum efficacy.


Your content requirements are delivered with our team.

We develop new or existing concepts that may require structure, including writing scrips, building entire ad campaigns, strategic digital media and other media campaigns.

We offer full turnkey production and management services for campaigns, events and promotions.


InnovSite as lead will identify, screen, interview and recruit all your resources required for your new or existing organization.

Resources on every level — executive, senior and middle management, supervisory, support, administrative and entry-level employees.

We here at InnovSite offer reliable and professional insight regarding workforce resources. The InnovSite resource team will learn understand your organizational culture, its resource goals and expectations and fulfill the required mandate with absolute proficiency.


As your organization trusted partner InnovSite has at your disposal our specialist resources available to outsource and utilize for an agreed duration.

Whether it be for a single project, a program, a business unit, or development, we have your covered with our pool of excellent resources.

Management Consulting

InnovSite strives to support your organization, through strategic performance & development milestones, solutions, cultivating organization efficiency, while molding sustainability & profitability.  

 We work diligently to learn & analyze your operational culture, model, methods, processes and systems, while closely gauging it with a market strong business case and desired objectives to ensure your structure will support your goals.

Through this engagement we are able to develop a bespoke solution, develop innovative channels, make recommendations and offer assistance with, or take the lead for the implementation of each deliverable.

Consulting Drivers

Addressing operational challenges and implementing a road map to realize organizational goals. 

Structure process, methods and strategies that optimize performance outputs.

Mold existing and or introduce market and organizational solutions that will produce tangible positive impact to your business bottom-line.

Implement systems, structures and benchmarks that will support organizational growth and development.

Provide expert management, oversight and analysis to ensure resources respond optimally and effectively to change and market opportunity and threat.

Center of Excellence

InnovSite Center of Excellence is the anchor to all your change, program, projects, development and investment deployments.

Our Center of Excellence will facilitate bst in class communications, reporting and feedback in realtime to all levels of engagement and deployment.

Our dashboard will empower you our client to immediately gauge all indicators from current to forecasted activity, deliverables, tasks, resources tasks and supply chain.

Program Management Unit & Organization

Our PMU and PMO is the resource heart of the Center of Excellence.

This unit empowers both your organization and InnovSite to efficiently cooperate and participate in real-time on all the goals and programs through our effective stakeholder management processes and methods.

Both the Center and the Program unit can operate in physical and virtual state with minimal constraints.


Engineer Your Growth

InnovSite engineering consulting and operational management team are equipped and geared for your new project and development roll-out. We provide expert services to develop physical infrastructure both independently and in partnership. InnovSite serves the diverse requirements of a developing and changing world, offering specialist services as an integrated service to meet the requirements of the clients in the context of the region and through market driven business units.

Projects we Deploy

Engineering Consultating | Program & Projects Management | Structural Engineering & Designs | Renewable & Sustainable Energy | Biomass & Thermal Digester power generation | Anaerobic Digester design & engineering | Civil Engineering | Transportation infrastructure | Water resources management | Water treatment & distribution | Bulk-water supply | Dams & Reservoirs | Sanitation services | Roads & Stormwater | Ports, Rail & Airports | Construction Resources, Management, coordination & monitoring | Geotechnical, Environmental Services | Utilities Management & Solutions | Enginomic services | Advisory Services | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Mining Solutions, Resources & Services